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Investing in Natural Resource Companies

Precious Metals, Industrial Metals, Energy, Soft Commodities

Churchill Natural Resource Partners invests in American and Canadian based natural resource companies. Focusing on small, publicly listed companies in precious metals, industrial metals, energy, and soft commodities, we provide intellectual capital as well as equity capital.


Churchill Glen, Precious Metals in Dallas, TX


Value Added Investments

Our value added approach means that after we make an equity investment we assist our corporate clients by participating at the board level,providing guidance and assistance. Private natural resource companies are also candidates for our investment, as we can facilitate public listings coinciding with equity being raised. We regard commodity companies as the most exciting investment opportunity for decades to come.


About Us

We provide equity capital to public and private companies to enable the development of natural resource assets and to acquire new assets. If you are a private company constrained by limited funds, we can provide access to capital markets by taking your business public. We also seek to acquire significant equity positions in existing small public companies particularly those trading on the Canadian exchanges. Our Partners lead our investors in our equity investments, and join the board of directors of our corporate clients to strengthen their management for the benefit of all concerned. Through our Partners we have many years of experience in both public and private businesses in a wide spectrum of size and activity. As appropriate, natural resource geologists and consultants are utilized to ensure high standards of due diligence.